Sunday, May 02, 2010

Messing Around with Enlightenment

Sometime in the '99 time frame I had used the Enlightenment window manager off and on. After having read an article in the latest issue of Linux Journal, I became curious as to what was new with Enlightenment. Specifically I was interested in E17, as E16 is available from the Ubuntu repositories. Subsequently, I grabbed a snapshot of the associated code via SVN, compiled the source code, and got Enlightenment (E17) up and running. The picture shown above is a screen shot depicting the fruits of my labor relative to my Enlightenment mini project.

Presently I am acclimating myself to the idiosyncrasies of Enlightenment, but like what I see thus far. I am of the opinion that Enlightenment is still one of the most elegant windows managers available for Linux. My understanding is that development continues, albeit at a very slow pace. It should be noted that E17, as it currently exists, is still in a state of flux and may not be stable enough for daily use. Personally I have not had any major problems to report.

And with that, I am off to see the wizard...

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