Saturday, February 07, 2009

Update: BloGTK v1.1

As it turns out, BloGTK v1.1 is pretty usable once I figured out the appropriate server in which to connect. Relative to the Kinetic Circus, the following was the appropriate server:
As I am sure you can tell, the documentation/help is non-existent. I looked for help within the software, using 'man blogtk', and the website associated with this project. Alas, there was no information immediately available. I did find another Linux related blog that had a link to the fix. However, the URL ended with a 404 HTML error, 'file not found'.

Something else that I have not figured out is how to implement a title in a specific post. I see where the title should logically go, but the text entry field does not appear to be active. Because HTML is implemented, perhaps I will money around with that a bit and see where it lands me. I suspect that I will end up in trouble.

And with that, I am off to see the wizard...

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