Saturday, February 14, 2009

World's Greatest Hacker Says Obama's BlackBerry Can Be Breached

It is certainly interesting to read Kevin Mitnick's comments regarding the issue of the security relative to the President's communication technology. An important point made in the article is that should the President's communication device actually be compromised, what information would actually be made available to the cracker. Please note that there is a distinction between a hacker and a cracker. In any event, I am of the opinion that the media has made too much out of Mr. Obama wanting to continue using his Blackberry.
There's a new "holy grail" for hackers — President Obama's super-secure BlackBerry.

Despite warnings from his advisers, the president insisted on keeping his beloved PDA, which now has specially designed superencrypting security software.

But that just makes cracking into it more challenging — and, yes, it can be done, says the world's most famous hacker.

"It's a long shot, but it's possible," Kevin Mitnick told "You'd probably need to be pretty sophisticated, but there's people out there who are."
(read the entire article here...)

And with that, I am off to see the wizard...

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